Best Waterproof Safety Boots Reviews

Best Waterproof Safety Boots Reviews

In today’s review we’ll have a look at the Timberland Split Rock Pro Men’s Safety Boot.

About Timberland brand

I’m sure there is not very much we can tell you about this world famous brand that you don’t already know. But just in case we have some readers that they are not into the boots sector we’ll have a few lines about the company.

The safety regulation policy in America as is in the UK is quite strong to ensure that workers are adequately protected. Timberland LLC is one company that is committed to the safety of workers in any job jurisdiction and is an American-based company that deals in the manufacture of foot wear including safety boots.

The company also produces other accessories like sunglasses, watches, etc. the company was founded in 1918 by Nathan Swarts in Massachusetts and has branches in major countries of the world.

The Timberland Split Rock Pro Men’s Safety Boot also come in different colors like black, honey, Gaucho and gray. You can make your selection based on your color preference.

Timberland Split Rock Pro Men’s Safety Boot comes in different sizes which are 6 UK, 7 UK, 8 UK, 9 UK, 10 UK, 11 UK and 12 UK.


Timberland Split Rock Pro Men’s Safety Boot is a great product from Timberland LLC and that is the one of the reasons we considered to include this excellent boot in our Best Waterproof Safety Boots Reviews. You can compare it with some other similar brands and models to make your choice.

This safety boot provides an excellent way to look casual and stay safe. The boot which looks like a hiking boot is made of full grain water resistant nutbuck leather.

  • The inner portion is made of Nylex moisture management lining. This lining is to help ensure that the wearer’s feet remain comfortable and dry.
  • The midsole has an anti-perforation steel, and the safety toe cap can absorb a force of up to 200 Joules.
  • The safety boot is rated as S3 HRO SRB.
  • It’s toe cap is made of plastic and not steel which makes it lighter than boots that have steel toecap.
  • Boots are very comfortable.
  • Boot fitting is Wide Fit.
  • Water Resistant.

Unboxing brand new Timberland SplitRock PRO

Durability … it depends how much love you’ll give them, but here you have some tips

Regular care can maintain the Timberland Split Rock Pro Men’s Safety Boot. Stains and dirt should be brushed off using a clean damp towel or a brush with really soft bristles to avoid damaging the shoes.

After a rigorous activity, ensure you air dry the boots to eliminate smell and dampness. You can also use a leather conditioner to maintain the leather parts of your boots. When cleaning your safety boots remember to take off the shoe laces and clean them separately.



If you see 5 full black Thumbs Up icons = Excellent Product, go for it

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Compare Timberland SPLITROCK PRO with similar Safety Boots

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Brand & Model


DeWalt Titanium

Caterpillar Holton

Amblers - FS165

How it looks
Water Resistant
Toe Protection 200J Steel Toe Cap 200J Steel Toe Cap 200J Steel Toe Cap 200J Steel Toe Cap
Sole Oil-Repellent & Petrol-Resistant Sole Dual-Density, Shock-Absorbing Sole Oil-Repellent & Chemical-Resistant Sole Steel midsole penetration resistant
Editor's Ratings
Colour Black, Gaucho, Brown, Wheat Black Black, Brown, Honey, Tan,, Yellow Brown
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What Customers are saying about this boots – Pros and Cons ?

The Timberland Split Rock Pro Men’s Safety Boot did fairly well in the customer review section on Amazon. While most buyers were happy that the boots were comfortable, others complained about the softness of the leather body.

However, one customer named Jackie gave a five-star review attesting to the fast delivery, style, and quality of the boots. Sue Briggs was rather happy about the boots and wasted no effort in rating it as five stars.

From the comments of customers, the boot is more stylish than rugged.

Thus it may be best used for casual activities and not rigorous ones or more orientated to lighter trades, i.e. not good for ground workers but good for sparkies. >>> READ MORE REVIEWS ON AMAZON 

Last thoughts, should we include anything else in this review ?


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Still not convinced ?
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