Most Comfortable and Stylish Work Boots for Ladies ( Top 5 UK 2017 )

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 Most Comfortable and Stylish
Work Boots for Ladies

(Top 5 UK 2017 )


Comfortable work boots for standing all day? Are you looking for Stylish and Comfortable Ladies Work Boots ?

Then, welcome, you at the right place. Today we bring you an review article about the top 5 Ladies Steel Toe Cap Boots in our opinion.

We base our notes today on customers experience with this and many other boots out there. There are some other good products on the market but we have to choose 5 of those and we put them together here.

If you do have something to say about this boots, it doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative … we take it on board and with your permission we might even add it to our review if you would like to !

A lot of emphases has been made on health and safety at home and in the workplace. Safety instructions, gadgets and materials are continually given provided at workplaces. A safety boot is one of the basic safety tools.

Safety boots come in different sizes from different manufacturers, they are either gender-specific or unisex. Irrespective of the manufacturer, safety boots include durable components which protect the foot.

These standards vary according to the type of safety work boot and the materials that make up the boot.

Safety Boots typically protect from sharp object piercing, spills and provide proper balancing.

Ladies Steel Toe Boots can also be worn for DIY projects, during home renovations, for walking the dog and other activities. The purpose of a safety boot is to keep the foot safe, so it can be worn for any activity where safety and balance are required.

Manufacturers of women safety boots include stylish designs in addition to the safety features of the boots. Safety work boots are mostly used in workplaces, but they are increasingly been used in other spaces and at home. Construction workers, engineers, electricians, and builders are some of the professionals that mostly use safety boots.

Safety boots typically protect from sharp object piercing, spills and provide proper balancing. Safety organisations develop regulatory standards for companies that manufacture safety boots.

Safety organisations develop regulatory standards for companies that manufacture safety boots.

This article brings you five of the top 5 women safety boots in no particular order:

Top 5 Best Women Safety Boots 2017

 1. Dr Martens Rosa Rigger Boots

2. Groundwork Gr 386

3. CAT Footwear Kitson S1 Safety Boots

4. Northwest Territory Sovereign

5. Groundwork Sk21 

So let us have a look at each one of them individually.

Dr Martens Rosa Ladies Rigger Boots

Dr. Martens also known as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, or Docs is a brand well known for the peculiarfeatures of its boots and shoes.

This British footwear and clothing brand started from a desire of its founder for more comfortable boots.

Klaus Märtens’ partnership with his friend, Herbert Funck, led to the expansion of the Dr. Marten brand. Dr. Marten has grown

significantly from 1945 and still produces comfortable and stylish boots and shoes. Dr. Marten shoes and boots have been a part of pop culture and fashion styles across the ages.

Dr. Marten’s Rosa Women Rigger Boot combines style with safety and is built to serve the working woman. This boot is available in Teak colour, and UK sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.


This chukka boot is made anti-static faux fur and comes in regular diameter. Dr. Marten’s shoes are known for their air-cushioned soles.

The features of Dr. Marten Rosa boot include :

  • EN ISO 20345:2011 S1 standard steel cap.
  • The upper region of other boot is made of industrial tumbled full grain leather.
  • The air-cushioned sole is anti-static and slip resistant.
  • Sole is made of PVC to ensure proper balance, and it has top SRA slip rating.
  • As well the inner material, is manmade and is produced of a fully air-conditioned unit with an additional PU-cushioned foot bed for more comfort.

Dr. Marten Rosa Pull On Boot was manufactured in the UK following and surpassing basic standards which offer superior foot protection.

It also comes with low maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and wax products.

The process of making this Goodyear-welted product included heat sealing and hand sewing. The welt manufacture process characterises Dr. Marten products. For the Rosa rigger boot, the upper and lower parties are heat sealed before they are hand sewn together

What customers are saying about the Rosa Ladies Rigger Boots ? Pros and Cons ?

Reviews for this boot on Amazon has been overall great with 47 5-star ratings outof a total of 67 at the time that thisarticle was written.

Most customers have praised the comfort, durability, and style of the boot. Many of them also got the boot in their perfect size and praised the fit.

Kent Lass, in her review, talked about the good quality of the boots even with her experience with different boots.  She also praised the durability stating that she had gotten boots of lower quality in the past at higher prices.

If you have a dog and want this boots to walk your pet, the boots are heavy according to Mrs. Joanne Wren review, but she does have good notes about the style and quality of this product. You can always see more reviews from Amazon customers by clicking here.

Groundwork GR 386

( Ladies steel toe Safety Boots )

For 30 years, Groundwork has produced, designed, distributed and sold stylish and quality safety footwear.

They have become a notable safety shoe brand with over 1,000 stock list of men and women safety boots and waterproof hiking boots. Groundwork serves its clientele with reliable shoes and boots

Groundwork gr 386 Steel Toe Cap Lace Up Safety Boots Women’s Oil Slip Resistant Walking Protection Shoes provide a stylish alternative to the traditional safety boots. It comes in 5 different colours and in UK sizes 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8.


These Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots provide:

  • Excellent foot protection with the steel cap.
  • They also come with full lace fastening, and the soles are thick cushioned to provide adequate balance.
  • The heel height of these bots is 2.3 centimetres.
  • They are also acid and oil resistant.

Groundwork Steel Top Cap Safety Boots protect from slip with the flexible extra light rubber grip sole.

These boots were made in accordance with the EC directive for personal protective Equipment (directive 89/686 EEC) and requirements followed the European harmonised standard BS EN 345-1:1993.

What customers are saying about this boots ? Pros and Cons ?

Overall review of this product on Amazon is 4.3 out of 5 with 70 5-star reviews out of the total 118 reviews at the time that this article was created or updated.

The reviews included comments on the quality, style, and durability. The product has a 73% fit rate in Amazon. For some reviewers, the boot fell apart after some time, for others it has been a great work and walking shoe.

Margaret McEwen commented on the fit and quality stating that although they wereuncomfortable at the beginning, they became more comfortable after some time.

For more Amazon reviews you can always click here.

CAT Footwear Kitson

S1 Safety Boots

Caterpillar Inc. has fostered discoveries, innovations, and learning all about the world based on principles of honest work, integrity and strength. Since 1988, CAT Footwear has followed these principles in producing work boots. CAT Footwear produces boots that live up to the 21st-century expectation of style and safety.

The boot width is regular, and it is available in UK sizes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The available colours are black and honey. The percentage fit on Amazon is 85%


The CAT Footwear Women’s Kitson S1 Safety Boots

  • Is made of an upper moisture wicking lining and rubber and an outsole that is resistant to high temperatures.
  • This female boot is made of oil full grain leather with the outer part made of leather nubuck and the inner part made of nylon.
  • The anti-static and slip resistant properties of this boot provide balance and prevent slips and falls.
  • The CAT Footwear Women’s Kitson S1 Safety Boots also come with extended wear rubber compound outsole which enhances the grip and increases the durability.

The steel toe component ensures feet and toe protection. It has a full lace closure with a removable EVA sock liner and a nylon mesh lining.

It is made by cement construction and surpasses requirements of the EN20345 S1 standard.

This CAT boot includes features that prevent sweating and keep harmful microorganisms away.

The gross weight of this boot is 1.5kg.

This boot comes with basic cleaning requirements which include drying out the shoe with the insoles and laced removed, use of a soft brush for removing dirt, washing with mild soap and warm water and basic conditioning based on the materials.

What customers are saying about this boots ? Pros and Cons ?

The reviews on Amazon for this product includes 70 5- star review out of as total 103 reviews at the time that the article was written or updated.

Customers praised the lightweight, comfort, durability and return/replacement policy.A greater percentage of the reviews were from customers who loved the product and made high recommendations.

Sandi lands, in her review, praised the quality but at the same time she complained about the hurt on her left foot when she wears the boot, maybe not width enough. To see what other customers  have to say about the Cat Kitson S1 Safety Boot you can click here.

Northwest Territory Sovereign 

( ladies Leather Safety Steel Toe Boots )

Northwest Territory is a brand that is well known for durable lace-up outdoor shoes. This brand has produced a lot of high-quality shoes and boots and is renowned in the manufacture of boots and shoes.

Northwest Territory produces men and women safety boots, unisex safety boots and shoes and hiking shoes.

The Sovereign Ladies Leather Safety Steel Toe Boots encompasses all the qualities that Northwest Territory products are known for: ruggedness, safety, comfort, and durability.

It is available in black and pink and comes in UK sizes 6, 7 and 8 only.


  • The leather outer layer is made to create a long-lasting effect product and it is made with high standards of workmanship.
  • This safety boot also features padded collar and tongue which provides extra cushioning and balance.
  • The manufacture process is certified to European standard EN ISO 20345, one of the standards that regulate safety boots.
  • In enhancing the safety effects of this boot, there are comfortable cushion foot beds which make it oil and slip resistant.
  • The breathable linings also enhance the comfort of this safety boot.

You could convert these boots to walking shoes if you wish as they are designed for comfort as well as safety.

The pink version of this boot is quite stylish. It is a relief to know that it is as safe as it is stylish.

What customers are saying about this Safety Boots ? Pros and Cons ?

This Northwest Territory boot has also gotten some great reviews on Amazon, and this is not surprising. 87% of the boots that have been bought on Amazon fit the buyers perfectly.

Out if the 56 reviews on Amazon, 42 were 5-star ratings.

Reviews included opinions on size, quality, style, safety, and durability.

Elaine commented on the quality and size in her review. She recommended this safety boots because of their quality but expressed fear that the part which the lace goes through may pull off since it is made of plastic.

Check out here what other people had to say about this Northern boots.


( Leather lace up steel toe cap safety boot )

Searching for something different ? What about this Groundwork boots ?

They are making Pink Safety Boots for all those ladies out there that like pink. Groundwork has produced stylish and quality safety boots for men and women for the last 30 years.

Innovation and quality have been synonymous with Groundwork shoes and boots.

Groundwork currently has over 1,000 safety boots and shoes in its stock list and provides customer daily with safe, durable and quality products.

Groundwork Ladies SK21 Leather Uppers Smart/Casual Lace Up Steel Toe Cap Safety boot is a safety boot that combines the feminine touch with safety excellently.

It is a perfect choice for ladies who cant help expressing their sense of style in everything they do. It comes in pink and lilac colours and is available in UK sizes 3, 5, 6 and 8.


Safety is well covered with this ladies work boots:

  • the steel toe clasps for foot protection with lace-up closure.
  • Heel height is moderate at 1 inch. The padded collars are additional style and safety features.
  • The tread soles provide firm grip and balance and are slip resistant.
  • The upper layer is made of leather while the inner material is made up of man-made materials.

The manufacturing process is regulated according to standards of safety boots.

What customers are saying about this Safety Boots ? Pros and Cons ?

The review on Amazon averages 4.3 stars out of 5 with 49 5-star ratings out of 84 total reviews.

The fit percentage on Amazon was 60%.

Customers, in the reviews, made comments on the fit, quality, durability, and style.

A customer with username name Meens praised the style, price, and quality. She also praised the speed with which her request was processed when she needed to change the size of her safety boot.

Customers liked this boots, but if you want to hear more pros and cons head to Amazon by clicking here.

Compare TOP 5 Women Safety Boots

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How it looks


Editor's Rating


Dr Martens - Rosa
  • Steel toe cap
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Inner Material: Manmade
  • Sole: Manmade
  • Closure: Slip-On
  • Shaft Diameter: Regular
  • Boot’s heels are energy absorbent A
  • Anti static
  • Heel type is flat and is 1-centimetre high.
  • The boots have been tested on a ceramic tile contamination with dilute soap solution.
Groundwork- GR 386
  • Steel toe cap
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Lace up
  • Slip resistant
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Heel Height: 1 inches
  • Tread sole
  • Leather uppers
  • Padded collar
Caterpillar - Kitson
  • Steel toe cap
  • Waterproof
  • Slip resistant, extended wear rubber compound outsole - superior grip, traction and long life
  • SRX slip resistant outsole
  • Anti static properties
  • Anti bacterial fast-drying insole
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Shoe Width: Regular
  • Removeable EVA sock liner
  • Cemented construction
Northwest - Sovereign
  • Waterproof
  • Steel toe cap
  • Leather uppers
  • Lightweight
  • Outer Material: Smooth Leather
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole: Gum Rubber
  • Closure: slip_on
  • Heel Height: 3 centimetres
  • Oil slip resistant
Groundwork - SK21
  • Steel toe cap
  • Waterproof
  • Lace up
  • Outer Material: Leather
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Heel Height: 1 inches
  • Tread sole
  • Leather uppers
  • Padded collar



So what do you think ladies ? The safety boots that we present you today as you can see they are accessible, not expensive at all.

Cheap Steel Toe Work Boots doesn’t always mean bad quality or expensive not necessarily is related to good quality.

Women safety boots are available in different options, most of which are cost-effective. These boots do not only keep ladies’ feet safe but also show a touch of style. We saw that in the pink variation of boots.

The materials and process used in making a boot determine its durability and quality. This is why safety boots are tightly regulated. Most of the top selling boots surpass the basic standards that they follow.

Durability, comfort, price, and style are the major factors that customer consider when deciding on the best safety boots. The different manufacturers incorporate these factors with more innovations as the season and years go by.

Customers, most times, want a product that is reliable, can be easily cleaned and of course stylish.

This review showed you the best lightweight work boots for ladies and comfortable work boots for standing all day if you an active lady.  This reflected from the customer review statistics of women safety boots.
Still not convinced ?
That’s perfectly fine … check for more ….. on Amazon

In the meantime we’ll work hard to bring you more and more Safety Work Boots reviews to help you make the best decision

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